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Disease Management

As effective as our preventative care is, diseases still happen. It’s what we do to manage the disease, and how we do it, that makes a difference in the lives of our patients. Through continual education, empowerment, assistance and compassion, we work to give you everything you need to continue on with the highest quality of life possible. After all, a disease is no excuse to stop living well.


Diabetes Care

We are also one of the only primary care physician groups in the San Antonio area to run an all encompassing, personalized diabetes education program for our patients. This program is coordinated and managed by our key physicians and Diabetic Educator. This program provides free classes, continued support and one-on-one efforts with our patients. We also have 22 BTE (Bridges To excellence) recognized doctors. BTE is a national program offered in more than 20 states and recognizes thousands of physicians across the United States, specifically those who meet certain performance measures for certain conditions including diabetes care. Based on historical results, the BTE program believes that if physicians participate in programs where they follow proven, evidence-based guidelines and submit data to validate performance, the quality of care they provide to their patients with chronic diseases will improve

Heart Disease Care

All of our physicians are experienced and skilled when it comes to managing and enhancing the quality of life of our heart disease patients. Personalized care, instruction and direction are the core to meeting the needs and enhancing the lives of each individual patient.

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