Fall Prevention

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August 3, 2018
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August 14, 2018

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a variety of actions to help reduce the number of accidental falls suffered by older people. Every year 1 out of 3 seniors fall and are injured in the United States. At HealthTexas we often see our seniors patients for preventable falls. Taking some simple everyday precautions can really help reduce your risk of falls.

Start by exercising every day. Yoga, Tia Chi and even brisk walking have many benefits including improving core strength and overall balance.

Fall Prevention starts at home. An easy way to safe guard your home is avoiding throw rugs, using night lights, and using grab bars. Keep your items in your home at arm’s reach and avoid step ladders. Discuss your medications with your HealthTexas physician as some can make you feel dizzy or off balance. Get routine eye exams as your vision is an integral part of good balance.

And lastly always use proper fitting shoes and if needed, walking devices to keep you safe. These simple tips can go a long way towards fall prevention.

At Health Texas, we want to ensure our patients live long and active lives.

Christopher Caulfield, M.D.

Fall Prevention Tips:

Regular Exercise: • Yoga • Tia Chi • Brisk Walking Precautionary Measures: • Avoid throw rugs • Use night lights • Use grab bars • Stay off step ladders Additional Steps: • Consult your Primary Care Physician regarding your Medications • Get Routine Eye Exams