Proper Diet and Nutrition
Proper diet and nutrition
September 25, 2018
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C
October 9, 2018

Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine

Cooler weather and shorter days means its fall time in San Antonio. It also means Flu Season.

At HealthTexas, we are determined to keep our city healthy during the flu season. The best way to protect our patients is with the Flu Vaccine. We recommend all our patients to receive the Flu vaccine as early as possible. The earlier you are vaccinated, the earlier you are protected.

Now, getting the flu vaccine will not prevent you from getting the Flu this season, however it decreases your chances of contracting the flu, as we well as decreases the severity and length of symptoms if you do come down with the Flu. Vaccination protects you and those around you who are more susceptible to major complications of the Flu and even death.

So, let’s keep our city healthy this year. Stop by any HealthTexas Clinic to see about getting the flu vaccine.

Steven Ramos, M.D. The best way to protect yourself is with the Flu Vaccine Full Screen Graphic: Getting the Flu Vaccine: • Decreases your chances of contracting the flu • Decreases the severity & length of symptoms • Protects you and those around you

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