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When you choose a HealthTexas Doctor, you are choosing more than a Doctor. We look after the whole you and make sure you receive the appropriate care in the right way at the right time. We’re honored to be consistently recognized as Best Doctors in America, Texas Super Doctors, Top Doctors in San Antonio and Best Doctors in San Antonio.

We`ve built a long standing relationship based on trust.

You have probably seen these logos in our clinics and our marketing materials, but what exactly do they mean? These designations come from third party review boards that look for physicians who are leading their fields based on reviews, articles and research. They should give you peace of mind that our doctors are held at a higher standard when it comes to being part of HealthTexas. We know that being awarded any of these designations means we have to work extra hard to keep them. This is why for us it is “Every Patient, Every time.”