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On-The-Go Tips for Summer Safety

We are dedicated to making sure Texans stay healthy and on a regular basis Dr. Clark has made appearances on SA Live to share her years of knowledge and to answer your burning questions and give some tips when it comes to summer safety.

Here are some helpful On-The-Go tips for summer safety.

Summer Safety Question No. 1:

My toddler always gets random bites, usually from mosquitoes. What do experts recommend for prevention and treatment?

“Prevention is key, and that comes from insect repellent,” said Dr. Kristi Clark. “The CDC recommends that all children should wear insect repellent from 2 months old and up. We shouldn’t be afraid to use insect repellent on our children.”

Important tips:

  • Put sunscreen on your child first and then insect repellent
  • Put insect repellent on your hands first and then put it on your child’s face and exposed skin

Summer Safety Question No.2 :

What should I have in a first aid kit?

“The American Red Cross and National Park Foundation are great resources that have lists of first aid kit  supplies to use,” said Dr. Clark.

Important tip:

  • Have a manual handy so you know how to use your first aid kit

Summer Safety Question No.3 :

We have a family picnic planned for this weekend. I’m nervous that the heat will be too much for my mom — she’s 75 years old. What are some ways to prepare for a day outside? Warning signs she’s had too much?

“Make sure there is easy access to water for everyone,” said Dr. Clark. “Encourage seniors to drink water throughout the day. Have frozen grapes handy. Pay attention to symptoms of nausea, vomiting and headaches as well.”

This summer stay safe and hydrated!

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By Kiersten Ehr – Digital Content Creator KSAT