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Dr. Eva Lopez joins HealthTexas
Dr. Eva Lopez Joins HealthTexas
August 28, 2019


OTC medications
OTC Medications

In the US the Food and Drug administration decides which medications are safe and effective to sell without a prescription from your doctor.

These over the counter medications can treat minor pains and illness’s or manage more chronic conditions. Allowing a more active role in your own healthcare needs. However, over the counter medications should still be used with caution.

If you take prescription medications for chronic medical conditions always talk to your primary care doctor about any over the counter medicines you are taking. Follow the instructions on the label, and if you’re not sure ask your pharmacist or primary care doctor to clarify. If symptoms persist after a few days despite this, contact your primary care doctor to discuss the next steps.

At HealthTexas we’ll ensure the right plan for your over the counter and prescription needs!

Dr. Steven Ramos

Graphics: Taking prescription medications?

  • Living Will: Instructions For Medical Treatment You Want or Don’t Want to Receive.
  • Discuss over the counter medications with your doctor.
  • Follow the label
  • Have instructions clarified by doctor

    *Talk to your doctor if symptoms persist despite over-the-counter medications