Sonia Villarreal, APC

Sonia Villarreal, PA-C

Advanced Practice Clinician

Mrs. Sonia Villarreal was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where she enjoyed playing the piano and exploring the outdoors as a child. She has been practicing as a certified Physician Assistant since 2014 and has established herself as a very skilled and compassionate primary healthcare provider.

Mrs. Villarreal chose to become a Physician Assistant because she saw the value that skill set brings to the primary care provider team. Better access to appropriate healthcare and more opportunities to treat, educate and empower patients make the difference in standard care at HealthTexas.

Being a well-respected and skilled provider is just part of what makes Mrs. Villarreal a patient favorite. Her ability to form close relationships with her patients and their family is something she cherishes. Prior to becoming a certified Physician Assistant, Mrs. Villarreal was an Adjunct Professor of Anatomy & Physiology II.

She has found using her teaching experience has valuable impact on helping her patients understand the benefit of preventive medicine, disease management and living a healthy lifestyle. When not treating, educating and empowering her patients, Mrs. Villarreal enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and two dogs. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, painting, and reading.

Mrs. Villarreal looks forward to being a key part of your primary healthcare team.

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