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Dr. D’s December 2019 Update – Staff Appreciation & Quick Health Reminders
December 18, 2018
Dr. Quiñones Lifetime Award
Dr. Quiñones – Lifetime Service Award
January 2, 2019


At HealthTexas we believe personalized care allows for better health management and quality of life of our patients.

Peripheral Artery Disease, or P.A.D., is the progressive narrowing of arteries in the extremities due to atherosclerosis, commonly known as plaque accumulation and is often related to a family history of PAD or heart disease, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

At HealthTexas we recommend two approaches to treatment when P.A.D. has been diagnosed.

Depending on many patient factors such as age, severity of disease, etc., the patient may elect to treat PAD with medication and risk reduction with lifestyle changes such as tobacco cessation and an exercise plan. In more severe cases, we might recommend a procedure.

At HealthTexas, we work to give you everything you need to continue with the highest quality of life possible.

Aaron King, M.D. Diabetes Risk Factors: • Family History • Heart Disease • Smoking • Diabetes • High Cholesterol • Hypertension Peripheral Artery Disease Treatments: • Medication & Risk Reduction based on Patient’s Individual Factors • Balloon Procedure with Catheters, Stent Placements or Surgical Bypass of the narrowing