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QPIC Baptist and HealthTexas Partner

HealthTexas Medical Group is an assembly of like-minded local primary care physicians who care about the health and wellbeing of the citizens of the Greater San Antonio area.

Local physicians established HealthTexas Medical Group in 1994. These local physicians had a vested interest in the quality of healthcare delivered in the area. The physicians recognized the need for high-quality primary care doctors to play significant roles in a patient’s overall health and wellness. HealthTexas believes that it plays a vital role in coordinating all aspects of the patient’s care. From hospitalizations, specialty care, and bring all the medical information together to centralize the care of each patient.

Since that time, HealthTexas Medical Group of San Antonio has grown to include over 30 experienced primary care physicians. Not to mention 16 locations to provide this quality care to the citizens of San Antonio and surrounding areas.

The HealthTexas doctors’ success recipe lies in the fact physicians takes a hands-on approach to looking after their patients. HealthTexas Medical Group also coordinates all aspects of care for all its patients. HealthTexas physicians also communicate and manage the care with a select group of quality specialists. This coordination of care occurs not only when the patients are ill but throughout all phases of their lives. Moreover, all aspects of their healthcare with a focus on preventive care as a priority. This personal approach is what differentiates HealthTexas doctors from the norm and why patients choose HealthTexas for their primary care.

HealthTexas Medical Group promotes the authentic value of primary care and being the primary care provider of choice through strategic branding, community outreach campaigns, and vetting, engaging and training quality agent networks.

It was a natural transition for HealthTexas Medical Group of San Antonio to partner with Baptist Health Systems. All to create an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to provide a highly efficient, positive outcomes focused, cost saving health plan for employers and employees. This ACO is the only one of its type in the greater San Antonio area. And is widely embraced as a possible solution to curtail skyrocketing health care costs, reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts and reward preventive outcomes.

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