Rosa B.

I have high respect and trust in Dr. Aguilur and PA Evelyn. They are always professional, but friendly and shows understanding and care about your problems. Dr. Aguilar is the best doctor I have ever had besides my OB/GYN

Priscilla A.

Dr. Aguilar, *Mrs. Evelyn and their office staff are always professional, friendly, and most of all compassionate to their patients. I appreciate them all.

Alene W

Dr Aguliar and his staff are wonderful. He truly saved my life. He has been honest and caring and includes me in the decision making process. BEST DOCTOR FOR ME.

Amelia R

PA Evelyn is attentive and engages me in my healthcare. Her tone of voice and expression of genuine caring promotes good health. I am confident in her knowledge and direction. P.S. Her voice promotes health - I am happy to go to dr. appts. w/her.

Altagarcia G

Very happy with my Dr. and his office. They are very caring. Dr. Aguilar takes the time to you and make you comfortable.