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Medicare Advantage 2020 Plan

What is a Medicare Advantage Plan and is it right for me? That’s a question I hear from my patients virtually every day.

Traditional Medicare is available to anyone who qualifies, covers a portion of your medical costs if you get sick or hurt, you will also need an additional prescription plan known as Medicare part D, which likely comes at an additional monthly premium.

In contrast, Medicare Advantage Plan covers all that basic Medicare has to offer, including Medicare Part D with much more additional services. Such as hospital coverage, doctor coverage, annual physicals, prescription coverage, transportation assistance and referrals to specialist. These plans often come at no additional premium!

Consult your nearest HealthTexas doctor and see if a Medicare Advantage Plan is the right plan for you!

At HealthTexas we’ll ensure the right plan for your over the counter and prescription needs!


Dr. Steven Ramos

  • Only covers portion of Medical Costs
  • Need “Medicare Part D” at additional cost


Medicare Advantage Plan:
  • Medicare Part D
  • Hospital Coverage
  • Doctor Coverage
  • Annual Physicals
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Transportation Assist
  • Specialist Referrals

*At No Additional Premium