Preventative Medicine
Preventative Medicine
August 1, 2018
Artificial Sweeteners
Dr. D´s August 2018 Update – Artificial Sweeteners
August 2, 2018

Why You Need a PCP

Why You Need a PCP

Did you know PCP’s are trained to handle over 90 percent of most chronic and acute medical problems?

However, sometimes it is necessary to coordinate your care with the right specialist. That’s why it’s important for your PCP to help you navigate through today’s complex medical system.

This means helping you find the right specialist that matches your needs, communicating closely with your specialists and helping you manage your care among all of your healthcare providers, so your needs always come first.

HealthTexas physicians also help you save time and money providing same day appointments to our patients in order to care for your health issues.

Our goal is to deliver top quality care, while at the same time helping you to avoid unnecessary & expensive ER visits or hospital stays.

HealthTexas, we can help you stay healthy and save time.

Super: Christopher Caulfield, M.D.


  • Helps identify right specialist
  • Communicate with all specialists
  • Manages your complete care
  • Same-day appointments
  • Avoid unnecessary ER visits & hospital stays

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