Wounds We Treat

As effective as our preventative care is, wounds still happen. In an effort to assist your bodies recovery to 100% HealthTexas offers wound care that can come from burns, chemical exposure, electrocution, animal bites or stings. The body is naturally designed to repair itself, but sometimes assistance is needed and HealthTexas is here to help. We seek to protect open wounds and reduce the amount of time a wound make take to heal naturally.

  • Diabetic wounds

  • Pressure sores

  • Non-healing burns

  • Slow-to-heal wounds

  • Wounds due to poor circulation

  • Snake, spider or insect bites

  • Surgical wounds which have not closed properly or were left open to close by filling up from the base (secondary infection)

  • Trauma wounds

  • Skin irritations

  • Neuropathy

  • Ischemia

  • Venous insufficiency

  • Vasculitis

  • Burns

  • Compromised immune system

  • Peristomal skin irritation

  • Other chronic wounds

  • Other non-healing wounds

  • While in Our Care

  • In-depth wound assessment/staging

  • Individualized wound treatment/care plans

  • Certified wound, ostomy, and continence nurses

  • Pain assessment for wounds

  • Effective, proven, advanced wound care methods and modalities

  • A broad array of the latest, most advanced wound care products available

  • Professional nutritional assessment and nutrition management

  • Scheduled reassessments to monitor wound healing progress

  • Specialist referral consultations for comprehensive wound care


    Treatments We Offer

  • Debridement

  • Growth factors to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms

  • Advanced wound dressing technology

  • Compression management for edema management

  • IV antibiotics to treat wound, skin and bone infections

  • Wound Vacs

    • Sylvia A.
      He is awesome and takes time to listen and shows concern with an honest heart to help patient get better. And the staff is also great and caring as well show concern and take time to get everything correctly for the doctor
    • Awesome B.
      My partner and I have the same PCP, Dr. Walker. We absolutely would recommend her. She's patient, has superb bedside manners and efficient in her delivery of care. The staff here is caring and genuine. I wouldn't change anything.
    • Ruben C.
      such an awesome clinic staff was very friendly and on point Dr. Caulfield is an excellent physician !! thank you all !
    • Kourtney Saint-Claire
      I’ve been a patient at this office for 2 years and at every appointment Dr. Caulfield has always taken my concerns and problems seriously. Dr. Caulfield is the best Doctor out there and even his staff is always so nice when I come in! I will never be changing Doctors!
    • Linda Fort
      Perrin Beitel is an overall great office! Love the staff and everyone makes you feel apart of the family!
    • Stephanie N.
      Dr. Andrine Grant is a great physician! Super helpful and friendly. Was able to be seen right away and had very Little wait time in the office. Would definitely recommend.
    • Kevin G.
      Dr Ricardo Arevalo is the Best Primary Doctor ever! Board Certified friendly and just a great doctor to have.
    • Danna B.
      Dr. Andrine Grant is the best at everything she does. She is a concern about your over all health, and a very sweet and kind person. I just love her.
    • Marissa M
      We went in for my husband who has severe lab coat syndrome... he hates medical clinics but the doctor quickly understood and calm him down. He knew exactly what to do. They took their time to examine and explain in laymen’s terms his health and plans to maintain him healthy as possible. We are coming back!
    • Charnelle J.
      Dr Pola is very personable, professional, nice, and very genuine. I am a new patient and went to see him on Friday March 23, 2018. I felt as if I was his patient for years and I will definitely continue to see him. Dr Pola is a great representative of what a doctor should be, no rushing and he is very funny. The wait time was about 10-15 minutes in the waiting area, they are quick and efficient. I highly recommend Dr Pola and the Westover hills location! Blanca was awesome! Thanks Dr Pola and Blanca
    • Berti Williams Chajin
      Dr Caulfield, at Perrin Beitel is the best!
      Berti Williams Chajin
    • Charles Richards
      You the man Dr. Q!
      Charles Richards
    • Rosa Martinez
      I love ❤️ my Dr Manuel Quinones from HealthTexas Medical Group of San Antonio.
      Rosa Martinez
    • Pam White
      Dr Q rocks! Has been my physician for years.
      Pam White
    • Isaac Husband
      The system is great. I useDr.Rowland Reyna......an awesome man.....for 30 + years.
      Isaac Husband
    • Anna Fletcher
      This is an amazing group of people, very helpful and Dr. Caulfield is amazing,,,,I have not been there very long but would recommend them to anyone I know......
      Anna Fletcher
    • Marilyn Oviedo
      I have been a patient in their care for years!! You are right about comprehensive care!!! 👍
      Marilyn Oviedo
    • Irma Sosa
      Dr. M. Dominguez is the best as is his office staff.
      Irma Sosa
    • Veneta Searcy
      I have come a very long way... with the "caring care" of Melba Beine , John Choe & my best of the best.. April Hain-Trevinio.
      Veneta Searcy
    • James Rocha
      Great staff, always friendly and knowledgeable. The entire staff communicates very well to meet all your needs. I would never leave.
      James Rocha
    • Linda Gibson
      Great doctors all locations
      Linda Gibson
    • LJ Granduer
      Health Texas is a great group with exceptional employees, doctors, and patients. Take it from me 😀
      LJ Granduer
    • Arthur Canizales
      Health Texas! "Outstanding"Medical Group! We miss Dr.Jakubowski,we like Dr. walker she is another top Dr.!
      Arthur Canizales
    • Paula Arredondo
      I love Health Texas , they are so efficient and professional and best health care delivery
      Paula Arredondo
    • Sandi Hoecker
      Dr. Christopher Collins is awesome!
      Sandi Hoecker
    • Gladys Murphy
      Dr. Dan Powell on Hwy 281 and Evans Road is my doctor and my sister's. We love him.
      Gladys Murphy
    • Virginia Rivera
      I go there in an emergency. Pay with card. Medicare sends money back to me.
      Virginia Rivera
    • Gloria Rodriguez
      Dr Christopher Caulfield is my Doctor. He is awesome 👏
      Gloria Rodriguez
    • Lloyd Vaughan
      Dr. Grover, his PA, Mr. B, and his entire staff are professional, friendly, and respectful. The entire office is efficiently managed with respect to appointment schedules, prescription management, and response to special request. Their Patient Portal is a great enhancement to the communication process and provides easy access to patient historical information. I highly recommend considering Dr. Grover as a highly qualified PCP.
      Lloyd Vaughan
    • Frank Garcia

      Dr. Grover has been my doctor for years. He always listens to me. Getting into see him is never hard to do. He calls and checks on me! What doctors do that anymore? His staff knows me by my first name and they always have a smile on. I have sent many friends and family to see him. They love him too.

      Frank Garcia
    • Shirley C.
      I know I'm not a high risk patient but I'm glad my HealthTexas doctor offers the flu shot each year. My employer is grateful, too!"
      Shirley C.

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