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At HealthTexas, we like to differentiate ourselves and really welcome people into our practice. We realize that you may not know too much about us, so we’re here to give you some fun facts about HealthTexas.

HealthTexas was established by a group of physicians

HealthTexas was created by a group of local San Antonio physicians who wanted to combine their passion, skills, and resources to improve the health of the patients within the local community. Since our first clinic opened up in 1994, we have committed to sticking to our roots and being patient-centered. 

HealthTexas is Community Oriented

We are always creating and showcasing events throughout our region. We look at what the community needs and we create events to help with those needs. From our Diabetes educational classes to our food drives, we always have benefits to the communities we serve. 

Award-Winning Doctors

Our doctors are nationally recognized by their medical peers across the country as Best Doctors in San Antonio® and Best Doctors in America®. In other words, primary care physicians across the country recognize HealthTexas doctors as being on top of their game.  

Peace of Mind if Hospitalized

Your HealthTexas doctor will follow your care if you are ever admitted to a hospital. You never have to worry about your important information getting lost in the mix. We have certified Hospitalists to make sure your information follows you so you never have to worry about a doctor not knowing some important details about your health. 

You are more…

At HealthTexas, you are more than your appointment and we make sure you are taken care of every step of the way! Book your first, or next appointment with us today!