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Claudia Santos, MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Hospitalist

  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
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  • Hospitalist

Dr. Claudia Santos was born and raised in Laredo, TX to parents who really stressed the importance of education. She received a major in Biology and minors in Chemistry and English at UT Pan American University. She went on to medical school at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. Toward the end of her medical school education, she decided to pursue further training in the field of internal medicine and continued on to complete her internship and residency in this specialty at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. It was here that she gained an appreciation and love for the practice of inpatient hospital medicine and began practicing as a community hospitalist in 2009 after completion of her residency and board certification.

As a hospitalist, Dr. Santos’ primary responsibility is to oversee the care and management of hospitalized patients. She sees a variety of acute illnesses and has the ability to treat a wide range of medical problems. It is her job to communicate with your Primary Care Physician frequently in addition to any sub-specialists whose expertise is needed in order to provide the highest quality of care in the hospital. Once you are ready to discharge from the hospital, Dr. Santos updates your Primary Care Physician regarding your hospital course and provides them with information about your specific needs in the post discharge period.

Dr. Santos very much enjoys the field of hospital medicine because it allows her to take care of patients with acute illnesses as well as interact with subspecialists who share a common goal of providing top quality medical care. She also enjoys the level of interaction she has with her patients and their loved ones. Dr. Santos feels that she has a great opportunity to educate people about their medical conditions, especially when there is a new diagnosis that is made during the hospital stay.

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