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Mary Faith Casiwa, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine

Dr. Mary Casiwa is originally from the Philippines, she is bilingual speaking Tagalog along with English. She attended most of her schooling in the Philippines and then came to West Virginia when it was time to do her residency program and became Board Certified in Family Medicine.

Dr. Casiwa always knew she wanted to become a physician since she was a kid. She believes it is her mission to help people and make a difference in their lives. Church volunteering and community experiences helped her confirm this passion. She really enjoys listening to her patients about their lives and experiences but especially with their pains and health concerns. She loves treating them as a whole. She has always believed that mental health is important and if you help a patient mentally and emotionally you are more successful in their treatment.

When not treating patients, Dr. Casiwa likes to watch movies with her family and spend as much time as she can with them.

  • United Hospital Center, Bridgeport West Virginia
  • Lyceum Northwestern University, Dagupan City Philippines
  • Saint Louis University, Baguio City Philippines
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