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January 3, 2017
June 8, 2017

Dr. D’s March Medical Update


As you may know or guessed from my prior articles, we usually care for a predominantly senior population. We do see children, adolescents and adults of all ages, but most of my day is spent with folks who are old enough to be my parents.

This year, I have had the pleasure of meeting some men who are closer to my own age and younger. They make appointments for various reasons. Some have new insurance and are taking advantage of a covered annual visit.

Others, more commonly, are told to make an appointment by their spouse. And, finally, some make appointments to talk about a particular concern. Sometimes the concerns have been going on for years and others are fairly new.

The things that set this group of new male patients apart from others is that they have had a desire to improve their health by whatever means necessary. One gentleman was found to have high blood pressure. His readings were high enough that treatment was indicated immediately.

More often than not, I’ll be met with push back about how they would like to try diet and exercise and natural methods before taking medication. While valid steps, sometimes a person just needs to take a medication to get conditions under control.

To my surprise, he jumped right in and not only took the medication, but started making lifestyle changes immediately. He cut back on salt, reduced his calorie intake to help lose weight and started some moderate exercise. By his next visit his blood pressure was better controlled and he was excited about how he was doing and, more importantly, feeling.

The other patient that comes to mind was diagnosed with diabetes. He’d been told he had diabetes years ago, but never did much about it.

When he arrived in our exam room, his diabetes was poorly controlled, but he was ready to change. We did lab tests to find out where he was with his kidneys, his liver and his cholesterol. With that information, I laid out for him a recommended plan of action.

That included a couple of medications for his diabetes, a medication to protect his kidneys, a cholesterol medication to protect his heart, changes to his diet and his activity level. When he returned for his follow-up, he was joined by his spouse and they shared all of the changes they had made together. They were a team, working together to get him healthier. It was beautiful to see.

Hence, these men decided to do what was necessary to improve their health. They are doing it for themselves, but also for their families. They want to see their kids and grandkids grow up and be able to be a part of their lives as they grow. It is my pleasure and honor to help them achieve those goals.

Michael Dominguez, MD, FAAFP is board certified in Family Medicine. His office is located at HealthTexas Medical Group, 590 N. General McMullen, 78228, phone: 210-249-0212.

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