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Dr. Rowland

Rowland Retirement 2022 Advisory

Dr. Rowland

January 28, 2022

Arthur Cavazos, 210.863.3725
Tricia Lopez: 210.290.6762

HealthTexas Medical Group Bids Farewell to Dr. Rowland Reyna

Last Original Founder of HealthTexas Primary Care Physicians Group Officially Retires

Patients & Staff Host Reception to Honor Three Decades of Service 

HealthTexas Medical Group staff and scores of patients will gather Friday, Jan. 28, from 2-4 p.m. at the HealthTexas San Pedro Clinic, 530 San Pedro Avenue (78212) to honor the legacy of Dr. Rowland Reyna, and provide a proper despedida as he begins his retirement journey.

The last of the original physician founders of HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors, Reyna has practiced medicine for more than 30 years since graduating in 1982 from the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Board Certified in Family Medicine specializing in Geriatric Care, Reyna’s leadership allowed HealthTexas to be selected as one of the top two local, minority-owned firms by the San Antonio Business Journal (SABJ) for 2021. HealthTexas Medical Group listed total staff at 400 with minority representation at 75 percent. Minority representation at the management level is 55 percent. Minority management members include Dr. Kristi Clark; Dr. Manuel Quinones, CFO Jeannine Ruffner; and Reyna.

About HealthTexas Medical Group

HealthTexas Medical Group was established in 1994 by local physicians who recognized the need for primary care doctors to combine their passion, skills and resources to improve the health of the patients within the local community. Since then, HealthTexas has grown to include more than 60 healthcare providers in 17 primary care clinics in and around the San Antonio region all working toward that same goal.