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2961 Mossrock, San Antonio, TX 78230

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Dr. D’s Medical Update

Dr. D’s Medical Update

Dr. D’s Medical Update

HealthTexas Underwrites 50,000 Meals on Wheels Deliveries March 7th-11th

Dr. D’s Medical Update

Rowland Retirement 2022 Advisory

Dr. D’s Medical Update

Holiday Tamalada Workshop Video

HealthTexas discusses the basics of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period | SA Live | KSAT 12

Dr. D’s Medical Update

HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors Join Pancho Claus for Holidays Seniors Eligible for Christmas Drive-Thru and Tidy Giveaways

Holiday TAMALADA Workshop Just What the Doctors Ordered HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors Prescribe Flavorful Fun on a Husk

* Reporters and photographers must coordinate their visit in advance and must be accompanied at all times in any HealthTexas facility. Reporters/photographers not escorted by an employee will be immediately removed from the building.

  • News vehicles may not park in fire lanes or block driveways.
  • Patient consent will be secured prior to any reporting, videotaping or photographing.

Seasonal Topics

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The HealthTexas Mission

HealthTexas is a privately-owned physician practice. Our mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve by providing Quality and Compassionate Care with outstanding Service. Every Patient. Every Time. 

We fulfill this mission through a set of core values.