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Dr. D’s Medical Update

HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors Join Pancho Claus for Holidays Seniors Eligible for Christmas Drive-Thru and Tidy Giveaways

Holiday TAMALADA Workshop Just What the Doctors Ordered HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors Prescribe Flavorful Fun on a Husk

Dr. D’s Medical Update

Dr. D’s Medical Update

Dr. D’s June 2021 Medical Update

Dr. D’s May 2021 Medical Update

Dr. D´s March 2021 Medical Update

Dr. D´s April 2021 Medical Update

HealthTexas Medical Group Inaugurates New Southside Clinic

Exercise and Preventative Medicine

5 Tips to Reverse Aging

On-The-Go Tips for Summer Safety

Dr. D´s August 2018 Update – Artificial Sweeteners

Dr. D´s September 2018 Update – Flu Shot

Dr. D’s October 2018 Update – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. D’s December 2019 Update – Staff Appreciation & Quick Health Reminders

Dr. D’s January 2019 Update – New Year’s Resolutions

Aspirin & Heart Health – Dr. D’s February 2019 Update

Lifestyle Change – Dr. D’s Medical Update

Dr. Kristi Clark – San Antonio Woman Interview

Overlooked Patient Safety Factors – Dr. D’s Medical Update

Dr. Quiñones Medical Q & A

Dr. D’s Medical Update – Opioid Crisis

Dr. D’s August Update – Immunization Awareness Month

Dr. Quiñones – The Evolution in Medicine

Respiratory Infections

Breast Cancer Awareness

National Health Observances/November

Resolutions & Life Goals

The HealthTexas Mission

HealthTexas is a privately-owned physician practice. Our mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve by providing Quality and Compassionate Care with outstanding Service. Every Patient. Every Time. 

We fulfill this mission through a set of core values.