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Staying Healthy During the Christmas Holidays

Dr. D’s Medical Update

Hello, San Antonio families! As your local family physician, I want to discuss something important as we approach the Christmas holidays – staying healthy! We all love the festive season, its twinkling lights, tasty treats, and precious time with family. But it’s also a time when our everyday routines get mixed up, affecting our health. Let’s look at some simple ways to stay healthy and happy during this joyful time.

Keep Moving: We’re lucky to have mild winters in San Antonio, so let’s use that to our advantage! While staying curled up on the couch is tempting, physical activity is essential. Go to the River Walk to see the Christmas lights, or have a family football game in the backyard. Keeping active helps balance those extra holiday treats and is great for your heart.

Eat Smart: We all know the holidays are full of delicious foods – tamales, pecan pies, and goodies. It’s okay to enjoy these treats, but balance is critical. Fill your plate with vegetables and lean proteins along with your holiday favorites. And remember, it’s often better to have a small portion of something tasty than a lot of something just okay.

Stay Hydrated: With all the running around and busy schedules, it’s easy to forget to drink water. Carry a water bottle with you, especially when shopping or at holiday events. Staying hydrated helps your body in many ways, from keeping your skin healthy to helping you not overeat.

Get Enough Sleep: Late-night parties and excitement can disrupt our sleep. Try to stick to your regular bedtime routine as much as possible. Good sleep keeps your immune system strong, which is essential during flu season.


Wash Your Hands: Speaking of flu season, don’t forget to wash your hands regularly! With more people around and lots of shared snacks and meals, germs can spread quickly. A quick wash with soap and water can keep you and your family healthy.

Take Time to De-stress: The holidays can be stressful with shopping, family gatherings, and all the preparations. Take some time for yourself. Read a book, take a warm bath, or sit quietly with hot cocoa. Stress can affect your health, so a little relaxation is good for you!


Enjoy Family and Friends: Lastly, the holidays are about spending time with those we love. Playing games, sharing stories, and making memories make this season memorable. Remember, laughter and good company are some of the best medicines!


Conclusion: Christmas in San Antonio is a magical time. With some activity, smart eating, and taking care of yourself, you can enjoy all the fun while keeping healthy. From my family to yours, have a wonderful and healthy holiday season!


Michael Dominguez, MD, FAAFP, is board-certified in Family Medicine. His office is located at HealthTexas Medical Group, 590 N. General McMullen, 78228, phone: 210-249-0212.