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Hands holding a heart with pulse for National Blood Donor Month

How You Can Help During National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month. During this time, we at HealthTexas encourage our patients and staff to give blood this month. We also want to inform our San Antonio area community on the different ways you can help make a difference.


The History of National Blood Donor Month

This came about because January is usually a month of critical blood shortages. With a mix of the holidays and the high percentage of people getting sick, people don’t donate as much. Therefore, on December 31, 1969, the former president of the United States, Richard Nixon, signed a proclamation designating January as National Blood Donor Month. The new monthly observance was meant to honor volunteer blood donors and to encourage people to give blood at a time when more blood is needed. 


Host a Blood Drive

One of the ways you can help this month is by hosting a blood drive through the American Red Cross program at your business. Take a look at your calendar for opportunities to host a drive over this month and the rest of the year. Some areas least impacted by COVID-19 can help the Red Cross sustain patients in areas most impacted. Therefore, they may call upon your service at times of greatest need as the situation evolves. Sign-up your business today!


Become a Volunteer

The Red Cross is always looking for helpful volunteers. Two key volunteer opportunities that available are:

Blood Donor Ambassador Volunteers. With this volunteer position, you will engage donors by greeting, registering, answering questions, providing information, and supporting them through the recovery process at the refreshments table. The special donor attention you would provide helps create a favorable impression that encourages ongoing donor support.

Transportation Specialist Volunteers. This volunteer position is the critical link between blood donors and blood recipients by delivering blood, platelets or other blood products to a hospital.

Sign-up to become a volunteer here!


Give Blood or Plasma

There are blood drives all around San Antonio and surrounding areas every week. You can search the American Red Cross website for a blood drive near you today to save a life tomorrow! If you’re unsure if you’re eligible to be a blood or plasma donor, you can ask your HealthTexas Primary Care Doctor. If you’re not part of HealthTexas yet, you can always book your first appointment online